What to Expect

Making the Call
Congratulations!  You have decided to make positive changes in your life.  Before you make the call to set up your counseling appointment, it is normal to feel apprehensive.  Please be assured that your phone call or voice mail is confidential and will be handled in a compassionate and professional manner.  During our initial conversation, I will want to briefly discuss your concerns and help you schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you.  At this time I can answer any questions about payment options, so it will be helpful if you have any insurance information available.

Completion of the documents found on this website is necessary before our first session.  These documents may be printed from the Forms section, completed, and brought to your appointment.  I will review the forms with you and answer any questions you may have.

Your First Session
Before your first session, it is normal to have second thoughts and feel anxious.  Don't give up!  Most people find their first session to be much more positive than they anticipated.  After completion of your paperwork, you will be asked to give some background about your situation and to think about your goals for change.  You will be gently guided in this process in a nonjudgmental and compassionate manner.  At any time you are encouraged to ask questions about any detail of your treatment.  At the end of your session, we will discuss further treatment and make your next appointment.  You may be asked to complete homework assignments or readings for future sessions.  Upon completion of your session, please be prepared to make payment with either cash, personal check or credit card.

Continued Sessions
Your sessions will be individualized to meet your specific, unique situation.  You will be the most important aspect of the counseling sessions.  I will help you in making the positive changes you want to make in your life by providing you the best therapeutic methods to meet your needs.  We will work together to make your sessions extremely positive and life changing.  If at any time you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your treatment I strongly encourage you to discuss this with me.  Expect to work toward your goals, gain insight into your thoughts and behaviors, and be treated with kindness and compassion.  When you have met your goals, we will successfully end your treatment.